If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Dr. Yosh was the last orthodontist out of nearly a dozen that I interviewed and consulted with regarding my daughter’s very difficult orthodontic situation. She had an incredible overbite of 14 millimeters and was prescribed the most insane treatment plans by a few of the area’s ‘top’ orthodontists. When we met with Dr. Yosh, he suggested an appliance that I had never heard of before and it seemed like the perfect option in correcting my daughter’s bite. After treatment, we could have not asked for a more perfect smile, treatment plan, staff, payment options, and expertise on Dr. Yosh’s part. I am available for more referral information should anyone seek additional input.” — Shannon S.

“I interviewed three orthodontists. I do not regret picking Dr. Yosh! Big change in my teeth after a few months! I really enjoy his office!” — Lisa W.

“I first met Dr. Yosh and his team in 2015 during a consult for myself. He is one of two orthodontists I went to for an opinion and I came home from both appointments knowing he’d be the one I’d choose for my braces. His staff was welcoming, his office is clean and decorated to the NINES for Halloween, the consult was thorough with pictures taken, an itemized list of the work they’d do on me, and two reasonable payment options to choose from. I knew my two daughters needed braces so I wanted to get theirs done before mine. Fast-forward a year and here we are, with my seven-year-old in braces for two full days already. I have been noticing that she carries some anxiety so I was worried how this new place would settle with her. From day one, she never once felt uncomfortable around Dr. Yosh or his wonderful staff! They explained what they were doing every step of the way, gave her reassuring hugs, and treated us like we’ve been part of their family for years. I’m so thankful we are now and am so glad my little girl is getting the best treatment from the best people! I’m starting my oldest daughter in braces at the beginning of the year and I know where we’re going!” &nmdash; Cameo E.

“Great staff and excellent service from Dr. Yosh! Recommend Diablo Orthodontics to anyone needing braces.” — Kurt K.

“All I have to say is you won’t be disappointed. Staff and doctor are amazing!” — Brooke U.

“Thank you, Diablo Orthodontic Specialists, for making the transition for our 11-year-old easy. Who would have thought the hardest part was choosing the band color!” — Alycia A.

“Best ever! No waiting time! School friendly schedule! Amazing results after braces!” — Mike M.

“Five stars for Dr. Yosh and his fantastic staff. From the moment I entered the office for my initial exam, to the last visit, I so glad that I selected Dr. Yosh as my orthodontic specialist. Not only is he an excellent dentist, his personality is wonderfully entertaining. His staff is so friendly, it’s as though you’ve known them all your life. My time with braces was almost two years and I honestly never dreaded my appointments; it was like going to a happy place with music, movies, and coffee. They are all caring, full of smiles, and offering flattering comments. I go by even now, just to say hi. Now to the point, I am very pleased with the outcome of the final appearance of my choppers. By the way, I am a 76-year-old male and they made me feel like a 40-year-old dude. Thank you, Jodie, Jamie, and Tammy, for always being available when I broke something on my braces.” — Edward C.

“Excellent. Tammy is absolutely a joy and wonderful and a godsend! And so is Dr. Yosh!! Genuinely caring and good people. I prayed and this is where God led me. Hence, they are an answer to a prayer. They are patient with my son’s sensory-processing challenges. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” — Savannah S.

“Dr. Yosh and his team are amazing. We just started here and have been taken great care of. My daughter is super excited to go to the orthodontist. Tammy is amazing with my daughter and has taken extra time just to get to know her and make her feel comfortable. Everything has been so easy. — Michelle M.

“Great office! Great team! We were treated royally at their office; I definitely recommend this office!!!” — Sabrina S.

“This orthodontist office is very organized. There are safety signs regarding social distancing and floor stickers for you to stand safely on away from others. The check-in process is very easy. The staff is very professional and goes over next steps in detail. I took my 13-year-old daughter here to get her braces. After they were put in, they send you away with a neat care package, including an electric toothbrush. Great experience overall!” — Rommel Q.

“Dr. Yosh is so nice and approachable. He makes you feel comfortable. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Their hygiene welcome pack is above and beyond!! It is so thoughtful &mdaash; filled with soft foods, two packs of wax, different types of floss, lip balm, disposable toothbrush, AND a Bluetooth electronic toothbrush — WOW. I am totally happy I chose Diablo Orthodontic Specialists for my crooked teeth needs.” — Miki P.

“Dr. Yosh and his team are super amazing. They are so professional and crazy at the same time. They make you feel at home. I’m always in and out and if I ever need to have my rubber bands changed because I have an event to go to they fit me right in. I’ve had my braces on for about six months, but within three months I noticed a major difference.” — Carmella C.

“We had a great experience at Diablo Orthodontic Specialists. My daughter had her first phase with Dr. Yosh. The staff was great and the atmosphere in the office was fun and upbeat. They always decorate for the holidays and have fun incentives for the kids to brush well and keep up on their hygiene. We will definitely be going back for phase 2.” — Audre T.

“I took my daughter to Diablo Orthodontic Specialists for a consult. From the moment we walked in, they were welcoming and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. When she got her braces on, they provided all the tools in a kit to keep her teeth clean! Dr. Yosh also gave us an electric toothbrush and a bag of soft food! Her crossbite was corrected in just a few appointments and her teeth look amazing. The doctor and staff are warm and friendly. I would send anyone needing orthodontic treatment to Dr. Yosh!” — Jamie K.

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